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Price Comparison

Use the calculator below to compare the cost of your stay at a hotel each month versus a fully furnished ExecuStay apartment.

Enter the nightly hotel rate and tax, as well as incidentals (if applicable).
Then enter the Marriott ExecuStay 30+ days continuous stay apartment rate to view the cost variance.

ENTER hotel's nightly rate: $
ENTER hotel nightly tax %:
ENTER hotel's incidental costs: $ (High speed internet; $9.95 usually per day, parking, etc.)
Total Hotel Nightly Rate: $  
ENTER Marriott ExecuStay Apartment Daily Rate: $ (Includes free wireless internet and is tax exempt in most cities.)

Number of nights spent in hotel per week: 3 4 5
Total MONTHLY cost of stay at HOTEL - Checking-in/out: $2,298.79 $3,094.53 $3,890.26
Total MONTHLY cost of stay at APARTMENT - 30+ Days Continuous: $2,970.00 $2,970.00 $2,970.00
Cost Variance of Staying Continuously: ($671.21) $124.53 $920.26
GREEN = The amount you will clearly save per month by choosing an ExecuStay apartment
RED = The extra amount it will cost to stay at an ExecuStay apartment